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Welcome to the SEDRIS - Part 1 Registry

This registry provides the following services for the users of the ISO/IEC 18023-1 (SEDRIS - Part 1):
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What is SEDRIS - Part 1...

SEDRIS (ISO/IEC 18023) is a technology that can be used to represent and interchange environmental data. SEDRIS - Part 1 (ISO/IEC 18023-1) defines the semantics and structure used to represent environmental data along with the means to produce and access that data.

SEDRIS - Part 1 addresses the concepts, syntax and semantics for the representation and interchange of environmental data. It specifies:

  • a data representation model (DRM) for expressing environmental data,
  • the data types and classes that together constitute the DRM, and
  • an application program interface (API) that supports the storage and retrieval of environmental data using the DRM.

A transmittal is the realization of an environment using the SEDRIS DRM that can be produced and accessed through the SEDRIS API specified in SEDRIS - Part 1.

A unified view of environmental data accelerates the development of applications based on such data and allows different applications to interchange environmental information. Environments may be natural, man-made, or virtual and incorporate a wide range of types of objects including celestial bodies, rivers, forests, ocean characteristics, atmospheric characteristics, avatars, ships, roads, space stations, buildings and animals. The characteristics of such objects need to be described and the relationships among them specified. SEDRIS - Part 1 was developed to address these needs.

For more information on SEDRIS - Part 1, please visit the SEDRIS - Part 1 standard.

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