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Registry Submission

Before submitting a proposal

To submit proposals for SEDRIS - Part 1 entries:

  • You must be a designated individual from a qualified organization* (see below),
  • You must be a registered user of this site, and
  • Your proposed entries must meet the rules and guidelines specified in the SEDRIS - Part 1 standard.

* A qualified organization is one of the following:

  • any ISO or IEC Technical Committee or Subcommittee,
  • any P-member or O-member of ISO/IEC JTC 1 or ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24,
  • any Category C liaison to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24.

Login information will be required before a proposal submission can be completed. A designated individual may request a user name and password by filling out the User Registration Form. If you are not a designated individual from a qualified organization but wish to submit SEDRIS - Part 1 entries, please contact your national standards body or the appropriate qualified organization (see above) with which you are affiliated.

After submission you will be notified via e-mail if your proposal has been accepted for review. Proposals that do not meet the criteria listed above will not be forwarded for review and will be returned to the submitter. During the review process, the submitter may be contacted for additional information or clarifications about a given submission. If a proposed entry is rejected at any stage of review and approval, an explanation of the reasons for rejection will accompany the rejection notice. Please note that notification of acceptance for review does not mean the proposal has been approved.

The quarterly deadlines for submission of proposals are: 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, and 1 December. The registry is also updated on these dates. Approved entries will be added to the register prior to the deadline for the next quarterly review. Therefore, as an example, any proposed entry submitted between 2 June and 31 August, if approved, will be added to the registry on 1 December.

Depending on the number and complexity of proposed entries (such as large batch submissions) and the current workload, the review and approval process may take longer than the normal quarterly update. If this is the case, the submitter will be notified.

Content of proposed entries

The proposal submission templates specify item-specific guidelines that shall be followed in preparing proposed entries. It is the submitter's responsibility to ensure the proposed entries meet the guidelines specified in the proposal submission templates. Proposals that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected.

In addition, proposal development must include the following steps:

  • Ensure the proposed entry is not already in the SEDRIS - Part 1 standard, the register, or is a submission awaiting approval. You can use the search and browse facilities to determine this.
  • Provide sufficient rationale and justification for the proposed entry to ensure its acceptance in the review process.

Failure to comply with the above criteria will result in rejection of your proposal.

Submission of proposals

Individual (or batch) entries may be submitted by downloading a Microsoft® Excel template file, and filling it out offline:

Currently the SEDRIS - Part 1 default profile is the only profile. This default profile incorporates all of the functionality specified in ISO/IEC 18023-1, but does not include any registered items. An implementation of SEDRIS is free to exceed the requirements of any profile to which it claims conformance. Additional profiles may be specified only by amending ISO/IEC 18023-1.

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